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Value CompoNet Architecture Training

We can provide training for Executives, Mid-Level Manager, and all Staff on how to view your organization from a Value CompNet perspective so everyone is focused on maximizing your organizational effectiveness and efficiency while managing change, complexity, and cost.

Ideally we would present the training first to the executive management and help to develop top level architecture diagrams for your organization.

After reviewing the top level architecture with your executive management we can present to mid-level managers and line staff. This training helps to focus everyone on the same goals for their individual tasks and the overall corporate mission.

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Business Process Evaluation

We can provide professional evaluation of your business processes to find opportunities for restructuring and automating them to improve their effectiveness and efficiency.

Need to speed up your processes? We can help.

Our business process optimization evaluation will provide you with a clear understanding of what your organization can gain through value focused digital architecture.

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Vendor and Solution Selection Support

If your organization has a plan to purchase a software solution, we can provide professional guidance to help you select the vendor and solution that best fits your needs.

We have the experience necessary to cut through the sales hype and determine how each offering would fit with your organization. This will help you make the best decisions and to have realistic expectations. We can also help you to develop solid change management plans and ensure a successful transition.

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Business Process Optimization

Do you need to speed up business processes in your enterprise or government organization? We can help.

We can help you evaluate your current processes, evaluate changing market and technologies affecting them, document core value components, design a highly optimized solution, implement the new solution, manage migration to it, and train your people to make sure your organization stays as optimal as possible going forward.

We can support your ‘nation building’ government process speed up efforts, cutting red-tape and opportunities for corruption inherent in inefficient manual processes.

We can help older large enterprises gain the competitive advantage to pull ahead of newer enterprises which were ‘born digital’.

Are you ready to gain agility to respond to rapidly changing markets and technology?

Are you ready to Agilize?

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Custom Software Development

If your organization needs custom solutions developed, we can help. From gathering requirements to design to implementation to deployment and support, we can help with any part of the process that you need.


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System Integration Support

Optimal System Integration is needed to get the most value possible from the system you purchased or to integrate with your supply chain.

We bring you extensive experience in integrating systems to maximize total system value.


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What our clients say

David is always looking for innovative ways to support his clients by broadening his company’s scope. His strength of character makes him a great choice as a business partner.

Mark Enos Senior Director of Information Technology

David is a visionary in the technology industry. He has the special ability to create solutions that are unconstrained by conventional limits. He also has a tremendous drive that pushes past the obstacles that slow most other people down.

Joseph Mathew President / LHP Software

David and I worked together on several projects at Compassion. He was sought after for the breadth of his technical expertise, for his creativity in finding solutions and for his hard work in execution of projects.

Thayer Allison Senior Data Scientist / Bank of America

David brought innovation, passion and ability to clearly articulate what is needed in order to bring about the implementation details of a project. He is easy to work with, listens well and an eager to bring value to the task at hand.

Greg Hollmann Senior Information Architect / Compassion International

David has a tremendous command of the subject of information technology and complex IT architectural and infrastructure solutions. His ability to translate vision into technical deliverables and workflow processes that address multiple levels, multiple audiences, security and more are on the highest level. Additionally, David lends his experience and best practices to the project which enhance the final product and mitigate common challenges. I’m pleased to recommend Agilize and David Bowser.

Dirk R. Hobbs ACHE AHCJ IABC Director, Physician Practices / Centura Health Physician Group

David’s understanding of information technology ranges from high-level, architectural vision to see how systems should be constructed to work well together down to low-level details where you need to solve the challenges of making things work. He has provided excellent service and great support in managing a development team that has assisted us for over ten years.

John Cashdollar Senior Software Engineer / Foursquare International

David is a master systems architect and a leading practitioner of agile development. He sees things in a way that few others do, and implements solutions few other can. To top it off, he’s a tremendous guy and one of the few brilliant engineers you actually love to sit down and talk to!

Lou Ivy Business Improvement, Leadership, Product & Service Development, Marketing, Process Improvement, Finance, Technology

Working with Agilize has been a complete pleasure. In addition to helping us provide innovative, interactive, and effective web site technology for our partners, their staff is knowledgeable, easy to work with and shows outstanding commitment to our success.

Jesse Medina Partner Coordinator / .W

Agilize helped us improve a key internal business processes with SharePoint automation. Agilize understood our need and provided a working solution even when unexpected complexity arose.

Nathan Dever Managing Director / Pacific Coast Capital Advisors

Working with Agilize has been a complete pleasure. In addition to helping us provide innovative, interactive, and effective web site technology for our partners, their staff is knowledgeable, easy to work with and shows outstanding commitment to our success.

Malcolm Cash Chairman of the Board / TransformAsia

We have found Agilize to be very capable, responsive, and committed to our success. Agilize has provided a software solution that we rely on each day to support a significant part of our daily revenue.

Robert Marsh Vice President / Elim

Agilize is helping us bring our advanced health analysis system to the internet. Agilize has been very quick to understand our needs and to design an innovative solution. I have enjoyed working with them.

Sylvia Philpy Manager / Integrated Health Solutions

About us

Agilize was founded in November of 2000 committed to helping large organizations modernize and apply the latest business process and software engineering technology to maximize their effectiveness and efficiency.

We use the unique and powerful Value CompoNet approach which focused the entire operations on maximizing Value while managing Change and Complexity.

With this, large government and business organizations optimize their operations today and to be ready for the changes that will come tomorrow.


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